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 Making Bankhead  National  Forest  and  the  Sipsey  Wilderness  the  anchor  for  adventures,  our team of friends will  be providing  write ups  and  directions  to  many  of  the  wonderful  places  throughout  the  world  they  visit.  



 Carolinachip.com  has  been  active  since  2001.  Outdoors  exploring,  Non-invasive bushcraft, Forest  Cooking and zest  for  creativity  has  found  a  new  home  at  Watchers  of  the  Wilderness.  



Even  just  a  group  of  forest  loving  friends  knows  that  we must protect  our  resources.  Whether  cleaning up on  our  hikes and trips  or  volunteering  with  local  non-profits  and  clubs,  you  will  find us  doing  our  part  to  keep  the wild  wild!  

Calendar of Events


Maps, Navigation and 10 Essentials Hike

7am - 5pm

Randolph Trailhead Sipsey Wilderness - Group Sz 10

Event Details


Maps, Navigation and 10 Essentials Hike

This is a moderate hike with over three miles of uphill grade on the return.

Sipsey Wilderness Hike: We will be hiking 209 down to the river. About 7 miles in and out.

At Watchers of the Wilderness (an ADVENTURE, Fellowship and Stewardship Group), we have experienced hikers and people that love the forest. We want you to hike with us in the Sipsey and other Adventures! Our goal is to see not only the obvious waterfalls and such, but those special destinations that are hidden in the Sipsey. Some of us as past rangers have hiked and backpacked all over the Sipsey in trails many never see. We have off trail destinations we love as well!

Anytime you hike with our Facebook group and need the information, we will provide the same knowledge and more if you request:

-Understand a topographic map

-Become aware of basic methods of wilderness navigation 

-Understand the unique terrain of the Sipsey Wilderness and surrounding Bankhead National Forest

-What to do if you find yourself lost or turned around in the Sipsey Wilderness

-Know where and how to access all 7 Sipsey Wilderness trailheads

-Understand the difference between a system and user made trail

In addition, we are going to ensure you know to have those 10 hiking essentials available!

Being hiking Gear, water, lunch and a fun attitude!

Visit us at watchersofthewilderness.com or our Facebook group:


7am - 5pm

Randolph Trailhead Sipsey Wilderness - Group Sz 10

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