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Carolinachip.com has been around since the early 2000's and is now parked within Watchers Of The Wilderness.   Chip's focus has always been outdoors  exploring,  non-invasive bush craft, forest  cooking, fishing, and zest  for  creativity. 

These days, you will find Carolinachip on YouTube. See our introduction below and subscribe to our channel.

Chip holding a keeper while tournament fishing 2007
Carolina Chip History

"I am watching Beat Charlie Moore on ESPN, and he's having a tournament, and he can only use 5 lures, and he was just showing them his favorite 5 lures, and he was naming them off and he said "CAROLINA CHIPS ". - Bassfishing

 "Anyone notice the mention of the Carolina Chip crankbait in this month's Bassmaster? It was in the Day on the Lake with Art Ferguson story." Great Lakes Bass 


With years of lure crafting experience, Chip Carlisle founded Carolina Chip's Lure Company in 2002 as a lure refinishing, customizing, and full service design and handmade service. Plain and simple, he loves fishing, making lures, buying gear, etc! Most of all, he loves the outdoors!  He has crafted thousands of lures, made lures for world champion pro anglers, & fishermen. Chip's lures have been featured on ESPN, Inside Line and BASS.

By 2012, he realized he was spending more time putting others in the outdoors and to much time in his shop. He made the decision to sell his boat, buy waders and and fly rod and begin walking the rivers for trout. Though he still does occasional lure work for friends or special request, he  is now enjoying the outdoors through hiking backpacking and fly fishing.