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Cody Hood

About Cody

Cody  is  an  occupational therapist assistant, husband, and father. He  additionally  served  as  a  volunteer  wilderness  ranger  and trailhead  monitor. He  lives in Addison, AL, just a few miles from Bankhead National Forest. Cody  loves  hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, and kayaking in Bankhead and the Sipsey Wilderness Area (no biking there). 

He  enjoys getting out and finding the waterfalls in and around Bankhead and Sipsey and love to hear or read about the history of those places. To stand in the woods and just listen to the sounds of the outdoors

 is just something he  says he can't explain.

    Cody  is  a firm believer in getting kids outdoors and thinks  we should teach them to respect our wild places and get them out as much as possible. 

Cody hiking the Savage Gulf in Tenneesee

Cody hiking the Savage Gulf in Tenneesee